Gas Heating Repairs Narre Warren, Mornington and Cranbourne

All plumbing and gas management problems in relation to the supply of heating to homes offices or commercial premises, should be fixed by a licenced, gas fitting plumber. Here’s an outline of common problems we repair within gas heating systems. Malfunctions often develop as autumn frosts arrive in Melbourne. The suburbs of Narre Warren, Hallam and Pakenham have basin areas into which cold air settles- causing frost and freezing temperatures. These events place higher demands on gas heating systems, causing more problems, requiring attention. Call us if your system displays any of these symptoms.

The Unit is not Heating

Here’s what could be causing the problem- apart from a very simple thing like a pilot light being extinguished, some of the more common causes of water not getting heated, are broken or inoperative valves, diaphragms or airlocks. The only way to rectify these probles is to replace the faulty part(s). These tasks should be left to a qualified, licenced gas fitting plumber.

Water Leaks from the Boiler

This is a fault we encounter with many of the heating systems we repair arounf Hallam and Narre Warren. Water either flows steadily to the outside of the unit or drips slowly. Damaged pressure valves- due to excessive boiler pressure is a likely cause. Gas tank boiler pump seals can wear out or detriorate thus causing leaks. The only remedy is to replace the seal- we can do that for you.

Corrosion or sulphation can cause water leaks around the tank itself or from the pipes. The cause of such corrosion can also be attributed to poor initial fitting or installation. Sometimes a repair is all that’s needed. At other times, a replacement is the only option.

We’ll let you know either way.

Rumbling, Banging or Gurgling Sounds

These can be what’s known as “kettling”- a sound which comes from an ordinary domestic kettle when the water is boiling. It might be a normal sound in the kitchen- but from a gas boiler, this rumble or knocking indicates a problem.

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