Hot Water System Repair

Powerful hot water- steaming hot with a great delivery pressure- is something we seldom give a second thought to, until it stops working. Have you experienced a drop in hot tap water temperature? Don’t suffer any longer! You need our hot water system repair service. Bring the steam back to your bathroom and beat the chill. Arrange for a qualified, licensed gas plumber to fix your hot water supply today. We’ve got staff and vans throughout Casey, Mornington, Hallam and Cranbourne, and we’ll supply and install a brand new gas hot water supply system for you today.

Having an optimised water heating installation together with some common sense tips to save money on hot water will provide you with a consistent supply at the right operating temperature and delivery pressure.

Common Problems- Why Hot Water Goes Cold

Suddenly you freeze in the shower and wonder “why is there no hot water in my house”?

After checking that every other hot tap is not switched on, closer to the output pipe, it’s time to go troubleshooting. It’s best to call us- however we present this general overview which you can read.

If there has been some work done recently, it’s wise to check the main isolation valve, which cuts of the supply to the heating unit. This could easily have been left in the closed position- especially if the symptom is no water coming from the tap at all.

The simplest fault to spot- is that a gas pilot light has gone out. Lighting the pilot light will restart the heating process, but this could only be an indicator of a different problem which requires more urgent attention. It may be that the gas delivery line is experiencing blockage, damage or that the shield which protects the flame is damaged, thus simply relighting will only fix the problem momentarily. A hot water system plumber should check the complete installation for you.

Gas Testing

Ensure the supply and delivery pressures meet safety standards.

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